About us

The practice is specialised in the rehabilitation of people with sports-related and orthopaedic injuries. We will quickly and expertly help you through the rehabilitation process, whether this concerns a minor muscle injury, a back and/or neck problem, or much more intensive rehabilitation following injury to the cruciate ligament, meniscus or cartilage. We will be happy to help, regardless if you are a recreational jogger or a seasoned top-class athlete. Of course, non-athletes with an orthopaedic problem (e.g. a serious ankle sprain or complex fracture) will also be adequately supervised and rehabilitated at our practice as well. People without an injury may visit our physical coach to set up a training programme tailored to their own goals and objectives. We also offer scientifically founded injury prevention screening and training programmes.


Rehabilitation from sports-related and orthopaedic injuries


Improving performance - coaching in terms of performance or lifestyle

Sports injury prevention

Prevention of sports-specific or other problems